Bicycle tour in Lower Lusatia

Sorbian Sights in Lower Lusatia (approx. 242 km)

Follow the Sorbian lime tree leaf symbol and explore Sorbian/Wendish culture, discovering plenty of interesting locations and learning many fascinating facts along the way.

This cycle route covering a total of approx. 242 kilometres is part of the Sorbian Culture Route leading through the Spree Forest, Lower Lusatia and Upper Lusatia and ending in Bautzen. Follow the lime tree leaf symbol in the colours of the Sorbian/Wendish flag: blue (módry), red (čerwjeny) and white (běły). Discover the active culture of the Sorbs/Wends in the rural locations to the north and south of Cottbus and in the city of Cottbus/Chóśebuz itself: the cultural centre of the Sorbs/Wends in Lower Lusatia.

You can find a map of the entire bicycle tour through Lower Lusatia here.

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Bicycle tour in Lower Lusatia

Sorbian sights in Lower Lusatia

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