Oven-baked fillet of rose fish


500 g rose fish fillet, vegetable stock, a dash of white wine, 1 bay leaf, onions, tomatoes, leek, 4 tbsp linseed oil, grated cheese


Use the linseed oil to coat the sides and base of a casserole dish, then place the finely diced vegetables and herbs in the bottom of the dish.

Moisten the fish fillet with vegetable stock and place it on top of the vegetables. Pour the remaining linseed oil and a dash of white fish over the fish. Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in the oven for a good hour at 220°C (fan oven: 180°C).

This simple recipe is particularly ideal for beginners.

Source: https://www.spreewald-info.de/region/rezepte/fisch-rezepte/rotbarschfilet-im-ofen-gebacken.php

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