In our home region, you can not only make the most of stunning hiking and cycling tours but also discover plenty of interesting locations and activities along the way. Local museums, for example, are the ideal place to delve further into the history of the region, while local heritage collections presented with a great deal of love and care provide an interesting insight into the everyday lives of the Sorbs/Wends in the past.

Wherever you choose to explore, you’re sure to find a nearby café where you can sit back, relax and recover from an exciting tour.

Sights and attractions

Sorbian Culture Centre in Schleife

The Sorbian Culture Centre in Schleife provides you with an insight into the characteristics and unique features of Sorbian culture in the parish of Schleife.

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Wendish Museum Cottbus

The fixed route guiding you through the Wendish Museum in Cottbus will take you back in time to discover the cultural history of the Sorbs.

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Sorbian Museum Bautzen

Gain an insight into the history and culture of the Sorbs at the Sorbian Museum in Bautzen.

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Guided local and regional tours

Discover Lusatia up close and in person on exciting guided tours of villages, towns and the local region.

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Slawenburg Raddusch

Explore the Slavic settlement history of the Spree Forest

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